Optimising efficiency to optimise sustainability

The importance of sustainability necessitates its consideration early in the planning and design process. Technology is at the forefront of improving life on our planet and we firmly believe that data centers are at the heart of this revolution. 

By optimising the latest technology, we design and build data centers to be as efficient and sustainable as possible, ensuring you meet your corporate and social responsibilities.

It’s important to understand the implications of system selections, as planners are increasingly following stricter environmental criteria. Equally, as data centers use more energy, they’re even more likely to demand a greener approach.

A joined-up methodology for inter-building energy sharing is also essential. Energy efficiency needs to be centred around the neighbourhood, not just the site.

Innovations we can help you take advantage of include:

  • Free cooling with non-mechanical solutions, adiabatics and/or high efficiency mechanical solutions or a combination of all.
  • Full back up mechanical solutions/hot aisle/cold aisle/RMF/no RMF options